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FACIAL TREATMENTS  (sessions are one hour, unless otherwise noted)  Various facials are offered which begin the rejuvenation processes by awakening and/or enhancing your existing facial and cervical (neck) skin.  All clients will benefit from these therapeutic treatments.  Think of facials that are performed at the spa as providing the nutrition for you skin.  We always begin carefully and subsequently advance these treatments basedupon the existing nutrition and responses of your skin to our plan.  In addition our facials are most relaxing and our physical environment and medical expertise further insures benefits not only for you facial skin but your body as well.  These is a complete package that initiates conditioning and if needed healing of your skin.  These treatments are usually combined with ultrasound.  This technology enables us to further repair and feed your skin by applying various molecules onto the skin and "driving" these compounds inside your skin using the ultrasound.  This very repairative additional procedure amplifies your results. You will notice improvement in you skin after only one session.  Further sessions are generally recommended to increase this response.  Remember, I am always present to orchestrate your sessions.  In some instances I "conduct" these session.  This is the real deal!  by Dr. Steven Pedro

SIGNATURE FACIAL -- Our customized cleansing and relaxing facial will leave your skin hydrated, refreshed and with a glowing appearance.

SCI-SKIN SPA SIGNATURE CORRECTIVE FACIAL -- A combination of of science and cutting-edge, contemporary product formulation helps us facilitate the correction of damaged skin.  This treatment is specifically designed to cleanse, prevent and correct port structure, dynamics of skin and signs of aging.  Our SIGNATURE CORRECTIVE FACIAL  is recommended every four to six weeks.

COCKTAIL FACIAL We take a variety of moisture-enriched serums, and "cocktail" them together to produce a mixture that replenishes hydration in dry or dehydrated skin.

MULTIVITAMIN REVITALIZING FACIAL -- Our own vitamin enhanced treatment helps nourish healthy collagen for aging or environmentally damaged skin. 

YOUTH GLO FACIAL -- A cleansing treatment that softens the skins and resores a smoothing sensation for young active skin.  Our treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a mask that leaves pores clean and your skin glowing.

DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL -- This specialty treatment cleans out your congested pores and controls excess oil production in acne prone or oily skin.

PARTICLE SKIN RESURFACING (PSR 30 minutes)  An exfoliation treatment with tiny  particles that help smooth fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars.  You are sure to see an improvement of skin texture and appearance.

ULTRASOUND TREATMENT (30 minutes) Ready for a radiant glow?  Our multi-vitamin treatment stimulates collagen production and cell rejuvenation.  Combine it with most any of our facial treatments. This procedure will "feed" your current collagen structure and stimulate new collagen.

PEEL TREATMENTS -- Looking for smoother, healthier skin?  This treatment -- for all skin types -- exfoliates the skin, helps improve fine lines and wrinkles, and fades hyper-pigmentation.


Emphasizing your natural beauty, we select correct pigments for portrait, bridal or everyday use, keeping in mind your maintenance needs.

MAKE-OVER ARTISTRY -- Put your best face forward and receive an education for a lifetime.  We apply pigments that work with your tones, allowing you to replicate the art piece we have created.

BRIDAL AND PORTRAIT ARTISTRY -- Because of particular lighting used in portraits, we will apply this make-up darker than usual to make your special day everything it should be.

LASH & BROW TINT -- Our natural looking tint is customized to match your hair color and is applies to your lashes and brows to enhance your makeup free appearance.

WAXING -- We will remove unwanted hair with a non-irritating wax that leaves your skin smooth as a baby's.


Fillers, Laser Resurfacing, Laser Correction Treatments, Vein Therapy, Deep Penetrating Peels, Eyes and Face by Thermage and Botox Treatments. These services demand knowledge and experience to achieve the best results and therefore are not delegated to any other member of my staff.

LASER SERVICES -- Our spa has many different laser platforms.  Okay, what does this mean?  Lasers are an extremely safe and most precise instrument for delivering  "tons" of energy to a selected target usually in a non-invasive mode. This will benefit you either by eliminating this target or repairing this target.  Lasers are specific for a target which is why we have different platforms to precisely treat these various targets.  Targets therefore,are the defects that you ask us to correct, repair, eliminate, erase and improve non-invasively.  Our lasers are state-of-the-art and powered to deliver the fluences (energy) that is required to repair, eliminate etc.  Our lasers are programmed to deliver this enormous energy within the thermal relaxation time of our target.  This technology is why lasers are so safe at delivering this energy.  Our lasers "see" only our target and not the surrounding tissue.  (If only other therapies were so precise, the side effect profiles would be greatly reduced.)  "Tons" of precise energy is needed to perform these procedures and treat our targeted tissue.  Sci-Skin Spa only uses lasers that have evidenced based results based upon studies done by unbiased third-party investigators NOT by inherently biased manufacturers.  Think about it. You want to hear "great result" not "it just didn't work"!

LASER COLLAGEN REJUVENATION -- You will love this procedure, which stimulates and rejuvenates collagen production and leaves skin with a toned; radiant look-a great compliment to our Ultrasound procedure to safely promote new collagen growth and repair your tired collagen. 


SPIDER VEIN THERAPY-unsightly and sometimes painful lesions are treated using both injection techniques followed by the Laser.  I have found that combining these therapies results in better long term results because the vein is then "doubly" sealed and these channels therefore have a better chance to remain closed and not recanilize (reopen).  I also sometimes will treat "feeder" varicose veins depending upon the clinical situation.

THERMAGE PROCEDURES- This minimally invasive technology offers skin tightening by contracting your own collagen.  Some patients will also experience new collagen formation.  This is NOT a laser procedure.  Technically, monopolar radiofrequency is delivered to the tissue through the skin producing controlled heating of the tissue underneath the skin which causes all the beneficial effects of Thermage..  This technology allows us to deliver energy without burning the skin and thus targeting the deeper tissues selectively.  Thermage can be delivered over a larger surface areas and therefore larger areas of the body can be treated quicker than with our  noninvasive  Laser treatments.

MASSAGE THERAPY (one-hour sessions unless otherwise specified)

Indulge, nourish and replenish your body, mind and spirit with a massage designed for your individual needs.

WELLNESS MASSAGE--awaken your senses and balance your moods as your revitalize, relax and restore your body through the healing powers of fine oils and lotions along with skilled, gentle hands and a blend of the following time-honored techniques.